Home should be your sanctuary, a space where you feel secure, comfortable, and can rejuvenate your body and mind. It should offer solace, serving as a haven. You shouldn't have to worry about the presence of toxic ingredients, harsh chemicals, or any harm to your skin from the products you use.


Joro exists to help you reconnect to yourself and to nature, within your home. We make high quality bedding and soft furnishings with responsibly sourced materials that you can keep coming back to time and time again. As your home shifts, changes and grows, we want our well-made products to grow with you. 


During the turn of the century, human homes underwent a transformative change. Machines were forged, automation became the norm, and technology reigned supreme. Whilst these innovations greatly assisted us, they also led to a greater disconnection from the nature that lies just outside our doorsteps. For far too long, we have been drifting away from the natural world. In our pursuit of building spaces, we inadvertently left nature behind. We traded the splendor of sunlight for artificial light and durable, natural materials for cold, toxic synthetics. The time has come to reintroduce Mother Nature into our homes.


Our primary aim is to create a sanctuary that harmonizes with the natural environment. After all, we’re innately wired to experience joy and health in the Great Outdoors. That's why we believe that home should be a place where nature seamlessly integrates.


Bring nature home.