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Percale or sateen? Both cotton. Both different.
While our classic percale and sateen fabrics are both lovingly crafted from 100% organic cotton – the key to their difference lies in the way the threads of yarn are woven together.
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How Often Should You Change Your Bedding?
When it comes to maintaining a clean and healthy sleeping environment, one of the frequently asked questions is: "How often should you change your bedding?"
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Let’s bring nature home

Take a pause. Breathe. Connect. Feel nature’s soft textures cocoon you. The whirl and the hustle retreats. Sink. Right. In. 

At Joro, we understand today’s need for harmony and connection. Long ago, humanity traded the beauty of starlight for artificial light in our homes, and began a journey of replacing the natural with the synthetic. 

And since then, we’ve all been trying to return to something. To regain a special connection. A physical and spiritual closeness to nature. 

We know that the more in tune we are with nature, the brighter we feel. The more we can achieve. And the more at peace we are with our world.  

So it’s time to open the door and let nature back in. Because  it’s in those precious moments of reconnection that help your spirit lift, your mind untangle… and turn your home into a haven.

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Experts in the purest comfort

To help connect you back to the natural world, our home furnishing fabrics are organic, responsibly sourced, and free from any harsh chemicals, toxins or additives. Think 100% natural cotton percale. Organic butter-soft sateen. Relaxed, Earth-loving linen. And plush, luxurious velvet made in a way that helps the planet breathe. 

Designed to help you feel cherished, body and soul, we draw on generations of fabric expertise to bring nature’s restorative power into your home. We hand-pick only the finest raw materials. And we’re committed to meeting the highest social and environmental standards, every step of the way. It matters to us, and we know it matters to you. 

Created to evolve with you 

As your life and needs change, our collection of furnishings will grow and evolve with you. Just like nature, we design to last. And we never stop creating. We’re constantly seeking new innovations in sustainable sourcing, circularity and materials, while leading the way in intelligent treatments and elegant, elevated design. 

Rediscover your connection with what matters. And bring nature home. 

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