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Percale & Sateen Swatches

Includes: Booklet of all Bedding Colours
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Preview all our current collection of bedding, with our swatch booklet. Featuring both Percale & Sateen bedding, in Midwinter White, Iridescent Ivory, Equinox Silver, Spring Blue, Midsummer Pink and Solstice Green Discover More

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Climate controlled comfort

Our fabric is engineered for optimal temperature regulation, ensuring you remain comfortable throughout the night, regardless of the season.
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Colours made to last

Our linens undergo rigorous colour fastness testing to ensure vibrant and lasting hues, upholding our standard for quality and durability.
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As a textile manufacturer, we have been developing bedding and fabrics for over 55 years, but we have reserved something truly special for our direct to consumer brand - Joro.

Sustainable Materials

Our duvet covers and cushion covers feature unique buttons crafted from repurposed coconut shells.

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Our Fabrics
Embarking on a sustainable journey, our materials, fabrics, and packaging are diligently sourced with a commitment to high environmental and ethical standards.

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Our Story
At Joro, we understand today’s need for harmony and connection. So it’s time to open the door and let nature back in.

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Percale or Sateen?

It’s all in the weave
Percale - Woven in a one-under, one-over pattern, cotton percale has a tight weave which gives it a fresh, crisp feel and a high quality matte finish

Sateen - A sateen fabric is made by weaving one warp (vertical) yarn over four weft (horizontal) yarns. Which gives sateen its beautifully smooth, light-catching finish.

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