Bedding Swatch Book

100% Organic Cotton


Bedding Swatch Book

100% Organic Cotton


Preview all our current collection of bedding, with our swatch booklet. Featuring both Percale & Sateen bedding, in Midwinter White, Iridescent Ivory, Equinox Silver, Spring Blue, Midsummer Pink and Solstice Green


Why Joro?

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Better for you. Better for the planet.

Sustainable and durable.

Made from recycled plastic bottles, it gives them a new lease of life, diverting them away from ending up in our landfills.

Colours made to last.

Our linens undergo rigorous colour fastness testing to ensure vibrant and lasting hues, upholding our standard for quality and durability.

Sustainable materials.

Our duvet covers and cushion covers feature unique buttons crafted from repurposed coconut shells.

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Sateen Organic Cotton Fitted Sheet Set - Midsummer Pink
Percale Organic Cotton Fitted Sheet Set - Iridescent Ivory
Sateen Organic Cotton Bedding Set - Equinox Silver

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